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Divorce Mediation

The Nelson Law Office P.C. encourages divorce mediation where appropriate, which is a less onerous and less costly alternative to the traditional course of adversarial litigation. The goal of mediation is to reach a settlement agreed upon by both you and your spouse, without the stress and frustration commonly associated with courtroom proceedings.

In mediation, our attorneys serve as divorce mediators and meet with both parties for the purpose of assisting them to reach an amicable settlement that is binding under, and in accord with, New York law. The mediator is a neutral lawyer who guides you and your spouse to evaluate your options and to make informed decisions. We will help you to understand the law as it applies to your case, to view personal issues with legal focus, and to suggest alternative solutions and compromises. Based upon these discussions, we will draft an agreement for your review that will be legally binding if both you and your spouse choose to accept it.

If you have children, divorce mediation would benefit them perhaps the most. Not only will they avoid the stress of warring parents or intense courtroom custody litigation, but your children will be comforted by the knowledge that their parents can work together to resolve their differences peacefully.

To learn more about these services, please contact our office to arrange for a free initial consultation. All inquiries are confidential.