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Following are some links to Internet resources that you might find useful:

General Information

•    New York State Unified Court System

•    Divorce Magazine
•    Child Support Calculator

Client Resources

•    Statement of Client's Rights and Responsibilities

•    Dockets of Pending New York State Civil Supreme Court Cases
•    Dockets of Pending New York State Family Court Cases
•    How To Testify In Court And Be Your Own Best Witness
•    PEACE Parent Education and Awareness Program
•    Support Collection Unit and Child Support Enforcement Information
•    Internal Revenue Service Forms and Information

Court Locations and Directions

•    Nassau County Supreme Court

•    Nassau County Matrimonial Center
•    Nassau County Family Court
•    Queens County Courts Directions and Locations
•    Suffolk County Courts Directions and Locations

Legal Resources

•    New York State Primary Sources

•    New York State Statutes
•    Matrimonial Case Law
•    New York State Judicial Directory
•    Judges' Part Rules
•    New York State Court Forms
•    LexisNexis